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An Outstanding Upland Bird Hunting Experience…

An Outstanding Upland Bird Hunting Experience…

I’ve been a breeder, trainer, and handler of both retrievers and spaniels for over 50 years. I currently field trial my two year old Springer Spaniel, Keeper, in Canada and the U.S. I was raised in the San Diego area and began my dog training experience with Warren Grimsby at Warcon Kennels in Descanso in the 1960’s.

For the first time since leaving SoCal in 1970, I decided to winter over in the area where I first learned to hunt (shooting doves) with my dad back in the late 1950’s. Every September we would come over to the greater El Centro area…hunting the fields around Imperial, Holtville, and Westmoreland.

After arriving in early December I made contact with Mendel Woodland and immediately began guiding hunts for his clients with Keeper. I’ve hunted many years in eastern Montana, Iowa, and the Dakota’s and I know great birds when I see them. Also bad pen-raised birds like we often see at spring field trials. Mendel’s birds are truly outstanding. They fly strong and high and the chukars take off like lightning!

Guiding at Woodland’s Hunt Club has been a great experience to both Keeper and myself and I highly recommend this club to any level of hunter looking for fantastic birds. This experience is unique to this area and WHC is a gem in SoCal’s Imperial Valley…an easy drive from San Diego, LA, or Orange County. Check it out!

Bill Brockett, Founding Partner
Developer of this new Woodland’s Hunt Club website

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