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Mendel at (626) 255-1422

Private Memberships

9  Private Ranches to Hunt  •  9,000 Acres of great cover  •  Open Sep – May  •  Hunt Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Ducks and Turkey

Memberships: Limited, Single and Family

  • Bring your dogs or reserve a Pro Dog Handler
  • Bring guests at a reduced Day Rate
  • Dove daily Bag limit 15
  • Daily Bag 3 Pheasant, 3 Chukar and 4 Quail
  • Turkey bag 1 per member
  • Additional Turkeys can be bagged for $250 per bird
  • Reserve a dog and handler at $100/half day or $200/full day
  • We hunt 7 days a week from 7am to sunset
  • Bird cleaning is offered for $4 per pheasant or you’re welcome to use our facility
  • Camping is available…bring your truck camper, trailer, motorhome or for free

What Members can expect…

  • Woodland’s Hunt Club Members hunt Dove during both seasons
  • Members bag 3 Pheasant daily and average 6-10 hunt days per season
  • Chukar and Quail are bagged quite often. Turkey success is 90% for Members willing to hunt just 1 day. Jump shooting ducks can be challenging we’re continually working to improve your opportunities
  • Questions and Prices? Call or text the owner Mendel Woodland at 626-255-1422 and he’ll happily explain Memberships and Expectations. Email:
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