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Frequently Asked

Do I need a California hunting license?

Yes, you will need a current California Hunting License with an Upland Bird Stamp.

What's required for me to hunt?
  • A California Hunting License with an Upland Bird  Stamp
  • Blaze orange hat, vest, T-shirt, or hunting shirt
  • Gun
  • Ammo
  • Phone, or email reservations
  • No Low Bird Shooting!
What do you recommend that I bring with me?
  • Shotgun sizes 12 or 20 gauge / improved cylinder & modified
  • Shot size 5 and 6’s (Non-toxic shot only)
  • Shooting glasses
  • Waterproof boots
  • Sun block and hat
  • Ice chest
How much hunter orange will I need to wear?

We require a hunter orange hat or bird vest. T-shirts or hunting shirts with hunter orange patches are also acceptable. The more orange, the better!

What gauge shotgun, choke, and shot do you recommend?
We recommend a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun with an Improved Cylinder & Modified choke. Shot sizes of 5 or 6 are good and non-toxic shot only.
Can I bring my own dog? What if I don't have a gundog of my own?
You are welcome to bring your own gundogs to our club. If you do not have a dog you will need to reserve a dog and pro handler (not required for Dove or Turkey hunts) when you order your birds at $100/half day for 1 or 2 hunters. Additional hunters are charged $50/half day which is collected on the day of the hunt. Fees double for all hunts lasting over 4 hours or for all day hunts. For more information click here.
Should we tip our guide/dog handler?
Absolutely…if your dog and handler team do a great job for you it’s always appropriate to reward their hard work with a generous tip!
What is your youth policy?

Youth hunters under the age of 18 who have passed their Hunter Safety Course and are fully licensed are welcome at Woodland’s Hunt Club under the supervision of a hunting party adult.

Can you accommodate hunters with special needs?

We will make every effort to accommodate all hunters with disabilities or special needs. Please make us aware of these situations when you book your hunt date.

How do I order birds and schedule my hunt?

For information on how to order your birds and book your hunt date click here

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