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Pheasant Bird Cards

All Pheasants on Bird Cards must be released by March 15th — No birds carry over to the following season

Each Hunter must have a minimum of 4 birds released every hunting day and deducted from their bird cards. We can release as many birds as you’d like which will be deducted from your bird cards. Dove and Quail steel #7 or #6. Pheasant and Chukar steel #6 or #5.

Bird Card Members can bring as many guest as they want. Bird processing is $4 per bird packaged on ice. Pro Dogs and Handlers are available 1/2 Day $100 Full Day $200. Tips are greatly appreciated.

Lead Shot is no longer allowed in California

No Low Bird Shooting!

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California Department of Wildlife

Dove Opens Sept 1 - Sept 15

2nd Season opens November 12  - December 26
7 days from 7:00am until sunset

Woodland's Hunt Club

1600 Edgar Rd, Imperial, CA 92251